Visiooffice- 3D Measuring System

Visiooffice- 3D Measuring System

Our optical boutique is proud to introduce the Visioffice with Eyecode to our patients. This revolutionary state-of-the-art 3D measuring system takes into consideration a patient’s natural head and eye movement to create personalized lenses.

This is truly cutting edge technology. The Visioffice is a 3D measuring system that determines head tilt, along with exact eye location, shape and movement. And uniquely, it measures the two eyes individually, allowing for the most precise vision possible, no matter where you look through the lens.

This all-in-one system of full-range measurements allows you the benefit you have never had before: ultimate lens personalization.

  • Precise measurement for better lenses
  • Improved patient experience through education and frame selection

Creates a unique solution for every patient type

  • Recommend the best lens solution for a given prescription or lifestyle
  • Present personalized demonstrations for every patient using interactive support tool

Delivers the most precise, individualized vision

  • Record and perform up to 20 advanced measurements
  • Measure the real 3D position of each eye’s unique eye rotation center (ERC) to create the most individualized lenses possible

Takes specialized measurements for the full range of Varilux® lenses

  • Captures complete measurements for all DualOptix™ lenses including Varilux Physio Enhanced Fit™ and Varilux Ipseo IV™


Personalized vision provided by the exclusive products of the Visioffice System – Varilux Ipseo IV(TM), Varilux eyecode (TM), Varilux Physio Enhanced eycode(TM), and Essilor eyecode(TM) single vision lenses.

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