The doctors at North Suburban Vision Consultants prides themselves on being on the cutting edge of eye and vision care.  We have been administering an eye movement test to all patients between the ages of 6-18 as part of their annual eye health examination.  This test, the King-Devick test, has been proven to be a valuable tool for detecting a concussion and deciding if a player should be removed from play.  The Mayo Clinic endorsed this test recently and it is the first time in the long and rich history of the Mayo Clinic that it has aligned themselves with a commercial product.  The reason they feel so compelled to back this test is the rash of scientific evidence supporting the King-Devick’s use in concussion detection. 

USA Today is calling out the NFL for not widely recognizing  this valuable, cost effective test at identifying concussions.  See the full article here.  If you are in the local area and would like you or your child to be screened with this test, request an appointment here.