Why are computers associated with eye problems?

While you work at the computer the eyes are required to maintain focus and eye teaming alignment at a fixed distance for very long periods of time. This is a relatively unnatural activity for our eyes since they were developed to continually change fixation from one distance to another.

Reduce Fatigue – Improve Comprehension and Efficiency

There are a number of visual skills that are taxed while spending long periods of time at the computer. The results of such visual stress include symptoms such as blurred vision, headaches, pulling sensations of the eye muscles, double vision, sleepiness, generalized fatigue, and potentially reduced comprehension and efficiency of function.

In addition to these symptoms related to computer use, it has been found that blink rates are reduced while involved in prolonged near vision tasks such as computer use. As a result, many people complain of very dry eyes (gritty, sandy, burning symptoms) associated with prolonged computer use.

Those individuals with deficiencies in eye teaming and/or near focusing will suffer the above mentioned symptoms more frequently and at earlier points in time associated with computer use.

There is absolutely no scientific evidence that computers emit any harmful rays that would cause any kind of eye damage. However, glare from computer screens is a very common problem. Specific glasses lens tints and coatings may help reduce these symptoms.