Treatment of Eye Diseases

Every comprehensive eye examination at NSVC will assess the health of your eyes including a glaucoma screening, an evaluation of the internal and external structures of your eyes to detect the presence of disease or other abnormalities that may impair your vision or affect your general health.

To allow the doctor the best view of the internal structures of the eye, your eyes may be dilated through the use of eye drops. These drops cause the iris to open wide, giving the doctor a good view inside your eye. By viewing the internal structures of your eyes, your doctor can gain information about your general health as well as the health of your eyes. Certain diseases can be first diagnosis through your doctor’s observation of changes he/she may notice in the back of your eyes.

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We encourage you to ask any of our doctors questions about diseases including cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, infectious ocular diseases, allergic and inflammatory eye conditions, Dry Eye Syndrome, Keratoconus, etc. We will provide you with all the necessary information and care you need to obtain the highest level of eye health.

Education + Experience + State-of-the-Art Technology

Should treatment be necessary, you can take comfort in knowing that NSVC doctors have extensive experience in the surgical and medical treatment of all ocular diseases, including cataract diagnosis and surgery and glaucoma treatment.

We use the latest technologies to deliver outstanding eye care services. Surgical and specialty care is available from our affiliated sub-specialists (such as retina, cornea, ocular plastics, and neurological eye disease experts) to provide only the highest level of care.