As specialists of Keratoconus at North Suburban Vision Consultants, our doctors diagnose, treat, and manage all forms of Keratoconus from mild to severe. Keratoconus is a disease of the cornea, the front surface of the eye, which results in progressive thinning and irregularity of that tissue. The consequence is progressive distortion and blurring of vision that typically can’t be corrected with standard glasses or contacts.  Patients with Keratoconus often require new treatments now available that can stop progression of the disease along with specialty contact lenses that provide dramatic improvements in vision.

We find it of the upmost importance to diagnose and provide indicated treatment for Keratoconus in its earliest stage before eye health and vision become compromised.  Family history of Keratoconus is a risk factor in developing this degenerative eye disease.  Early detection is possible with specialized diagnostic equipment and is carefully monitored for any progression.

All month long to raise awareness and continue our care to patients diagnosed with Keratoconus, we will extend a courtesy screening for Keratoconus when scheduled with a comprehensive eye exam to any new or existing patients with family history.   Call our office to schedule your appointment (847) 412-0311 or request online through our website.