Too many people give up wearing contact lenses when they start needing reading glasses over the age of 40 while others tollerate highly compromised vision when they are fit in monovision contacts. All of this is unnecessary when we have access to so many highly succesfull multifocal contact lenses. The doctors at NSVC are highly skilled and experienced with multifocal CL’s and we are continually involved in research and development of new multifocal contact lenses.Being over 40 and developing problems with near vision through your contact lenses does not mean that you need to give up wearing lenses. Moreover, you don’t need to use those silly “readers” that you buy at the drug store over your lenses. More importantly, you for sure do not need to sacrifice using your two eyes together (binocular vision) by being fit in “monovision” contact lenses (one eye fit to see far and one eye fit to see close up). Today we have developed many new contact lens multifocal designs that provide our patients with clear vision in both eyes for distance, near, and even mid-range (that is why we use the term “multifocal” vs. “bifocal” contact lenses).

Multifocal contact lenses are available in types of contact lenses, including soft disposables, gas permeables, hybrid (combination of gas permeable rigid center and soft periphery), and scleral lenses. Virtually all patients who wear contact lenses can potentially wear multifocal lenses. From cases as simple as soft disposable lenses for people who are nearsighted all the way to the most complex contact lens cases such as treatment of keratoconus have been successfully fit with multifocals at our practice. North Suburban Vision Consultants are continually involved in the research and development of multifocal contact lens designs. We even have developed and designed our own unique proprietary multifocal lenses which are not available anywhere else in the world!

High success with multifocal contact lenses depends on the experience and skill of the prescribing doctor and the access to a multitude of lens designs. The majority of contact lens fitters still first fit people in monovision regardless of the development of wonderful multifocal contact lenses. Why is this the case? The simple truth is that it is easier to fit and takes no special skill or experience. It is quick to do and keeps patient’s cost equal to standard distance contacts. However, it is a major compromise in vision. We all would agree that, if possible, we would want to maintain clear and equal vision in both eyes at all distances. So we still have to ask why we would try monovision as our first alternative! At NSVC our contact lens specialists consider monovision only as a last alternative.

Since we have extensive experience with virtually every multifocal design of contact lens available, you should feel free to post any questions or comments about this highly under-utilized modality of contact lens wear.