The use of highly specialized contact lenses can provide vision, comfort, and cosmetic improvement when fit on eyes that have undergone eye surgery of various types as well as for eyes that have suffered trauma and disease. Only a limited number of skilled and experienced practices can provide this type of contact lens care for these patients in need. Some people unfortunately are left over with very poor vision, ocular disfigurement, and / or pain following various eye surgeries or eye trauma. The use of a variety of specialty contact lenses can often be the answer to their problems. A small number of highly skilled and experienced contact lens specialists can provide care for these people. It is sad, but many of these people never have access to these specialists because their eye doctors fail to refer them or are not aware of these specialists. We, at North Suburban Vision Consultants, are one of these specialty practices that can provide unique contact lens solutions for patients in need. We hope that by going directly to the public via resources like this blog, patients will discover options that exist to help them.

An example of what can be done to help a person is shown in the case of 14 year old N. A. This young man experienced trauma to one eye during an accident while mowing his lawn a few years ago. The trauma and complications associated with it resulted in a highly disfigured eye. To avoid the embarrassment associated with his appearance, N.A. grew his hair long in the front to cover the disfigured eye. He would not look at people directly and became socially removed during a critical time period in his social development. We were able to design a hand painted cosmetic contact lens for the disfigured eye that matched his normal eye. Although he still had no vision in the eye, he was so happy with his physical appearance that he cut his hair and we saw a dramatic change in his social behavior for the better. At his follow up visit not only was N.A. smiling, but his mom shed tears of joy for the new life we gave to her son! Few cases have been so rewarding.