What would an 8 year old say if he had the language capabilities of a 17 year old with the same visual inefficiencies?

Samuel, age 8, completed his program of office based vision therapy on April 4, 2014.  His mother wrote “Samuel is reading significantly more for pleasure at home and enjoying reading.  His academic reading comprehension is improving.”

Claire, age 17, completed her of office based vision therapy on March 25, 2014.  She and Samuel had similar diagnoses.  Here is what Claire wrote: “I am able to read without getting headaches for longer and I no longer have shaking within my eyes after longer periods of concentration.  My grades have improved and reading is much easier.”

Neither of these patients were in vision therapy for reading.  They were in vision therapy to improve the efficiency of the visual system.  This was done by performing activities that improve the visual centers of the brain using the principles of perceptual learning.

What does vision have to do with reading? If you have 10 minutes, this VisionHelp Video will help explain.